Meeting: Sept.19, 2022

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Meeting: Sept.19, 2022

Facilitators reviewed the New Mexico First definition of consensus then reported back on the vote regarding the 50-Yr Water Plan. Any further feedback will be directed to the Utton Center for additional edits if necessary.

The remainder of the task force meeting consisted of each work group presenting their point in the process of creating recommendations, and the task force as a whole commenting on “sticky notes” via the online Jamboard.

Three questions were posed to the task force for each work group:

  1. What questions, clarifications or wonderings do you have regarding the recommendations presented today?
  2. Where do you find agreement?
  3. What changes or suggestions would you like to offer?

Task force members filled the Jamboard with many notes offering support to recommendations proposed, with helpful suggestions on the refinement of language, clarity on existing programs, and remarks about the organization and potential overlap between the groups. The group discussed how to frame recommendations regarding funding, the issue of equity and prioritization of recommendations by the task force as a whole.

All three work groups met in separate online breakrooms to discuss the feedback from the group as well as next steps before the meeting adjourned.

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